Friday, October 14, 2005


Cosmo Joe's

I'm not too sure this blog has very many regular readers yet. But if you are one, you might get the impression I only put up positive reviews. Actually, that's just because I have started this blog with some of my local favorites. I also write reviews when I'm not particularly impressed, such as with Cosmo Joe's.

Cosmo Joe's might best be described as a mediocre greasy spoon. The menu offers hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken strips, and a couple of sandwiches and salads. They have some comments about the hot dogs being Chicago hot dogs, but I wouldn't be able to tell a Chicago hot dog from a Springfield imposter anyway. Although they aren't quite a fast-food place, their prices are about the same as what you'd pay at the golden arches. I tried a regular cheeseburger, which was edible but decidedly unimpressive. The french fries were unpeeled and thin, sort of like what you'd get at The Varsity. Altogether, the quality of the food seemed a bit below what you would expect from an average national fast-food chain. It could be a lot worse, though - it's not pre-Thickburger Hardees bad, for instance.

The decor is, at least, relatively interesting. I'm not sure who Cosmo Joe is supposed to be, but from their logo it appears he is a bush pilot with a dog. Perhaps there is some sort of schtick they plan to build around him like McDonald's did with Ronald MacDonald (not to mention enough other characters to make a kid's TV show). The entire building is decorated with a 1930's airport theme. It's certainly different, and a relatively tasteful theme.

The odd thing about Cosmo Joe's is that it completely looks like it's a chain restaurant. However, I haven't been able to find any others, either in person or on the Internet. They may have some ambitions about starting a chain, but I think they ought to work on perfecting their food first.

1427 Highway 138
Conyers, GA

Update: As of February 2006, Cosmo Joe's appears to have gone out of business.

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