Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Mamie's Kitchen

If the events that brought my wife and me together were a Truman Capote novel, it would be called Breakfast at Mamie's. We have probably had more Saturday morning breakfasts together here than anywhere else. While Mamie's does serve lunch too (but no dinner), it's their breakfast that is their biggest draw. Most of the foods are typical Southern greasy spoon fare - grits, pancakes, fresh-made biscuits, eggs, and sweet tea. As one of the signs at their Brown Bridge location says, "It ain't healthy, but it sure tastes good!"

Perhaps one of the most amazing items on the menu is their chicken biscuit. They take a huge piece of chicken breast - no processed and ground stuff here - and fry it in a light, fluffy breading. The chicken slice dwarfs the biscuit that they serve it on. There's so much meat, grease, and goodness here that if you eat it all for breakfast, you might not need lunch. Seriously.

11245 Brown Bridge Rd.
Covington, GA 30016

1295 N. Main St.
Conyers, GA 30012

2821 Evans Mill Rd.
Lithonia, GA 30058

7121 Highway 278
Covington, GA 30014

As a side note...The first and original Mamies was in Conyers there at the RR crossing by Lithonia Lighting. Then came the Lithonia one off of Evans Mill, then the one off of 278 in Covington. And finally the one off of Browns Bridge. The first two were owned by one man, then his brothers got in on the act by building the other two (don't know if it was one brother or two?). All of them are exceptional though.
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