Thursday, January 12, 2006


Nagoya Japanese Steak, Seafood, & Sushi

Where does Covington's self-appointed restaurant critic go for his own wedding reception? Since we had a fairly small guest list, we decided to have it at a restaurant instead of going to the trouble of renting a venue and arranging for catering. And Nagoya had both excellent food and a room big enough to hold our reception. Perfect.

As with many hibachi places, the food is only half the experience. The rest is watching the food prepared in outlandish hibachi style while you watch. The chefs at Nagoya are experts at the usual juggling and pyrotechnics, making flaming volcanos from onions and catching shrimps in their hats.

While hibachi restaurants often have very similar menus no matter where you go, Nagoya does have a few entrees that are a little different. For example, one choice is fillet mignon with garlic. Other than a few unusual items, if you've been to a hibachi restraurant before, you'll know what to expect. And if you haven't - you're in for a treat.

1065 Access Rd.
Covington, GA 30014

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